zs/z-1-shale shaker

ZS/Z-1 Line Shale Shaker

  • Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
  • Port: Shanghai / Chongqing
  • Production Cycle: 30 - 45 days
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
  • Certificates: CE, IOS2009, Gost
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Description about ZS/Z-1 Line Shale Shaker:


ZS/Z-1 Line Shale Shaker is a kind of important solid control equipment in WestPetro, it is also a necessary part for solid control system.

There are three different models for this item; they are ZS/Z-1 line shale shaker, ZS/Z-1A line shale shaker and ZS/Z-1-4p line shale shaker with 4 shaker screens.

ZS/Z-1 Shale Shaker plays a basic role in oil drilling fields, it could be used in oil drilling work individually, and it could be also used as a necessary part for your solid control system. Its working principle just like this:

Solids could be separated from liquids by making use of a vibrating basket of shale shaker; the basket is equipped with specifically sized shaker screen. Shakers are regarded as the most significant device to remove drilled solids. These get rid of the vast majority of drilled solids created throughout the process of drilling. They commonly produce 5 -8 g-forces to separate solids from the mud.

The whole work could be finished with WestPetro ZS/Z-1 Line Shale Shaker

WESTPETRO produces a number of shale shakers. And every shaker aims at a particular market. As the original shale shaker manufacturer, we get the certificates of ISO 9001-2008. We always believe that hi-quality guaranteed means everything.


Features & Benefits about ZS/Z-1 Shale Shaker:

(1). Imported Motor: Use imported short motor from Italy, which has a strong commonality and reliable performance.

(2). Adjustable Vibration Intensity: Adjust vibration intensity through eccentric block of motor.

(3). Splash Prevention: Splash prevention advice is made by rolling soft cloth material.

(4). Obliquity Adjustment: Adjust obliquity safely by retched gear.

(5). All kinds of shaker screen could be available for all three models of shale shaker.

(6). All spare parts for WestPetro ZS/Z-1 shale shaker and another three models are available.

Shaker Model

ZS/Z-1 Linear shale shaker

Screen specification


Excitation engine

2-1.865 KW

Vibration amplitude

≥ 5.5 mm

Vibration intensity

≥ 6.5 g

Explosion-proof marker


Vibration Frequency


Obliquity Adjustment

-1°- 6°

Protection grade



2945 * 1920 * 1680 mm


1850 kg

Video: Shale shaker (ZS/Z-1 shale shaker) is working in oil drilling fields.

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