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ZLCQ Vertical Vacuum Degasser

  • Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
  • Port: Shanghai / Chongqing
  • Production Cycle: 30 - 45 days
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
  • Certificates: CE, IOS2009, Gost
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Description for Vertical Vacuum Degasser

WestPetro ZLCQ Vertical Vacuum Degasser is used to remove the gas from slurry to ensure an appropriate weight balance for the whole drilling work, it could prevent blowout in oil drilling field. Besides that, vertical vacuum degasser could also be used as a mud agitator when there is no gas in the slurry.

WestPetro could provide two different models; they are vertical vacuum degasser and horizontal vacuum degasser. Generally speaking, the later one is more popular in oil drilling fields, and so we always call it as vacuum degasser directly.

Features of Vertical Vacuum Degasser

(1). Small Area: the gas removal and slurry discharge has vertical structure.

(2). High efficiency of gas removal: Use unique impeller of vacuum pump and separation structure.

(3). Big Capacity: Use pumps type impeller to discharge.

(4). Low energy consumption: Use small power motor.





Degasser Amount


Degasser Efficiency


Motor Speed (rpm)


Motor Speed (rpm)


Discharge Port Path (mm)


Liquid Length (m)


Dimension: L*W*H (mm)


Weight (kg)


Video about vacuum degasser: Russia customers check the vacuum degassers in WestPetro factory.

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