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QJ Mud Cleaner

  • Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
  • Port: Shanghai / Chongqing
  • Production Cycle: 30-45days
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
  • Certificates: CE, IOS2009, Gost
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QJ mud cleaner was working in Turmin Oilfield
QJ mud cleaner was working in Turmin Oilfield


mud cleaner in WestPetro factory
mud cleaner in WestPetro factory


General Introduction about WestPetro Mud Cleaner


WestPetro QJ Mud Cleaner is a kind of solid control equipment with high efficiency solids removal; it is also a necessary part for a whole solid control system.

Normally, there are two stages separation process for this item to recovery the drilling fluids. While in our drilling field, we always combine the hydro-cyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit, which we call it as Mud Cleaner.

About the working process, just like Solvedrilling mud cleaner, the hydrc-cyclones make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker vibrating screen, which is also used in high frequency vibrating screens. WestPetro oilfield mud cleaner has also been proved effective in lowering both drilling-fluid and disposal costs.

As necessary equipment in WestPetro solid control system, even in WestPetro drilling waste management unit, mud cleaner plays an important role in the drilling work, there are also some special features for this item.

Why Choose WestPetro QJ Mud Cleaner?

QJ series mud cleaner in WestPetro has a long development history; it’s about 10 years development history. As an original manufacturer of solid control equipment and supplier, we could provide you the high quality guaranteed QJ mud cleaner for your oil drilling fields or even just for solid control system.

Why choose WestPetro QJ mud cleaner? For our mud cleaner has its special outstanding features, please check the following mud cleaner’s features for reference.


6 Features of Drilling Mud Cleaner:


(1). High wear resistance: The cyclone uses special polyurethane with high wear resistance.

(2). Uniform Pressure: Circular tower separation and feeding pipe with heavy caliber make cyclones have uniform pressure.

(3). High Separation Efficiency: Tangent feeding and streamline design improve separation efficiency.

(4). Multi-Purpose: The shale shaker for this item can be treated as level A shale shaker through tube shunt.

(5). Easy to Handle: With digital control panel, you can use it and handle it as easy as possible.

(6) Easy to Connect with Other Equipment: Mud cleaner could be easy to connect with other related solid control equipment to work together, generally speaking, vacuum degasser and mud tank is the big two equipment for this item to connect and work.

As the original mud cleaner manufacturer, WestPetro could provide the high quality guaranteed equipment and full technical support service. Please feel confidence to cooperate with us.

Technical Specification for QJ Mud Cleaner:

Diameter of the de-sander

250 or 300 mm

Quantity of the de-sander

2 or 3

Diameter of the de-silter

100 or 125 mm

Quantity of the de-silter

12,16 or 20


3000 – 3100 kg


(Length)3065 x (width)1920 x (height)2670 mm

Videos about WestPetro Mud Cleaner