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General Instruction about Solid Control System

Solid control system is newly designed and manufactured by WestPetro. It is generally used to separate the solids from the drilling fluids in the oil drilling field or drilling rig. WestPetro will share more information about this item here. From this post, you will learn the 6 main equipment consisted for a whole solid control system, and you will get the information about the working principle of the 6 equipment worked for this system.

6 main parts for a solid control system

Generally speaking, there are 6 stages for a whole solid control system: mud tank, shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner (mud de-sander & mud de-silter), vacuum degasser and centrifugal pump series. Each part plays an important role for the whole solid control system, as the same important for oil drilling fields.

How the 6 parts work well in the whole solid control system?

The first step is that the shale shaker will be worked for separating those big solids, commonly the diameter of the solids is over 75μm or more.

After that, the desander and the desilter will start to work, in some drilling fields; mud cleaner is always used to take place of desander and desilter’s work.

About the third step, when the drilling work goes into this situation, there are some air enters the drilling fluids, naturally, vacuum degasser should be used to separate the air to ensure there is no air in the solids or mud.

The fourth step, our solid control system will separate the solids again via VFD decanter centrifuge. There we recommended WestPetro LW355 VFD decanter centrifuge, which has won a popular praise from our customers.

The last step is clean the solids / mud separated by solid control system. Commonly speaking, mud tank is always used to collect those drilling waste mud solids, just for a good environment protection, which is the same with drilling waste management. Of course, the whole solid control equipment used in solid control system, are all mounted in mud tank.

5 Special Features of solid control system?

1. Solid control system is helpful for improving working efficiency of the oil & gas drilling works.

2. WestPetro solid control system is contains decanter centrifuge system, shale shaker with shaker screen system, mud tank, sand pumps, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner. The single equipment gathered together to be a strong and high-efficiency solid control system.

3. Solid control system could meet different special oil drilling works’ demands.

4. 16 years manufacturing experience of solid control system, WestPetro could provide you a high quality guarantee.

5. With full after sale service, containing shipping, fixing and technical service support, please purchase with confidence.

Advantages and Features of Solid Control System

As the professional solid control system manufacture, besides the high-quality guarantee, we could provide more special features and advantages for the solid control system. There are four more special features about WestPetro solid control system as following.

1. WestPetro Solid control system is helpful for improving working efficiency of the oil & gas drilling works.

2. As an original manufacture of solid control equipment, the whole equipment for solid control system could be manufactured by us with high quality and best service guaranteed.

3. All spare parts are available for all equipment of WestPetro solid control system.

4. With full after sale service, containing shipping, fixing and technical service support, please purchase with confidence.