Features for ZS/T-1C balanced elliptical shale shaker:   Big Flow Area: four 0.875㎡ screens make total flow area reaches 3.5㎡. It is one of ...
General Instruction about Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the basic equipment for oil drilling fields; it has a history over 10 years in WestPetro. As the original solid control system manufacturer, we would like to say that shale shaker plays an important role in the whole solid control system, for improving the high working efficiency. WestPetro shale shaker could increase vibration frequency without stop when there is a big flow and decrease vibration frequency without stop when there is a small flow to extended life.

There are main two models for WestPetro shale shaker series; they are Linear Motion Shale Shaker & Balanced Elliptical Shale shaker. Usually, Linear Motion Shale Shaker is more popular used than balanced one. On the other hand, there are three more types for linear shale shaker; they are ZS/Z-1, ZS/Z-1A shale shaker and ZS/Z-1-4P line shale shaker with 4 screens. Different types with different motor power to meet your mutual demands.

Shale Shaker’s Applications

With high quality guarantee, WestPetro shale shaker series has been used in different overseas oilfields, and the most popular one is the Turmin Oilfield in Russia. We have designed and manufactured over 50 sets of linear motion shale shaker for this project. Actually, besides this solid control product series, we have provided 36 pieces RFD decanter centrifuge and 20 sets vacuum degasser for this oilfield. In one word, WestPetro high quality guaranteed shale shakers have won a popular appreciation by overseas local partners and end users. No matter how hard the marketing situation is, WestPetro did not give up to design and develop new equipment, such as the newly designed vertical cutting dryer and high frequency vibrating screens are the most standout sample.

Special Features for WestPetro Shale Shaker

(1). Imported Motor: WestPetro use imported short motor from Italy to provide a strong commonality and reliable performance.
(2). High Strength: Made by alloy steel metal material for a high strength guarantee.
(3). Fatigue Resistance: Heat treatment of screen box eliminates internal stress completely.
(4). Adjustable Vibration Intensity: Adjust vibration intensity through eccentric block of motors.
(5). Splash Prevention: Splash prevention intensity through eccentric block of motor.
(6). Obliquity adjustment: Adjust obliquity safely by ratchet gear.
(7). Compact Structure: The length is 3m including 2.65m safe length.
(8). Muti-Purpose: With auxiliary function of emptying valve, uniform flow baffles plate, etc.