General Instruction about Shaker Screen

General Instruction about WestPetro Shaker Screen

WestPetro manufacture shaker screen for XBSY shale shaker, which contains GS/B Crochet Wave Screen, GS/P Crochet Shaker Screen and KS Steel Frame Series Shale Screen. There are replacement shaker screens have be designed and manufactured for other brand’s equipment, all depends on your special needs. WestPetro replacement screens could meet the exact design specifications for the competitor’s shale shakers.

XBSY shaker screen designed for our different models shale shaker, it will enable you to gain the best energy from the basket. Details speaking, there are three models shaker screen, the following is the details about these three types.

KS Steel Frame Shaker Screen, there are five types dimension with the meshes from 10-325. Different dimensions shaker screen could be suitable for different brands shale shaker.

GS/P Crochet Shaker Screen is designed to meet the demands of XBSY-ZS/Z-1, XBSY-ZS/Z-3 and XBSY-ZS/Z-4 series shale shaker.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of shaker screen in China, WestPetro put quality as the top level. API will also be finished in 2015. With our hard testing standard and API certification, we believe that you could feel confidence to cooperate with us.

Shaker Screen Special Features and Advantages

There are three special features and advantages for WestPetro Shaker Screen

1. Uniform Stress on Shaker Screens: the lower supporting screening cloth supports load of layered screening cloth effectively to make sure uniform stress on each layer and extend screen’s service life.

2. Strong Screening Capability: the layered screen of WestPetro Shaker Screen uses a special whole form to guarantee max capacity, service life, and accuracy of screening particle size and avoid jam.

3. Quick Fix: the independent grids separated by liner meshes prevent spread of damage for WestPetro Shaker Screen. The special fix block of screen saves operation time, extends service life and saves cost.

4. API certification for WestPetro Shaker Screen will be finished at the bottom of 2015; actually it is for the whole equipment and solid control system made by WestPetro. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interesting and comments.