WestPetro SB series sand pump products are supplementary pumps newly designed and manufactured according to features of petroleum and natural gas d...
General Instruction about Sand Pump

General Instruction about WestPetro Sand Pump

Sand pump is the basic equipment for oil drilling fields and solid control system. As the professional sand pump manufacturer, WestPetro has a history of 15 years with sand pump research and manufactur. With the development of society and oil drilling field’s demands, WestPetro sand pump has been developed successfully from one model to almost 80 types / models. We believe mutual types sand pump could meet your difference demands in drilling work.

Generally speaking, there are models of SB6x8, SB5x6, SB4x5, SB3x4 and SB2x3 with motors ranging from 4KW to 75KW. All sand pumps have two different structures: direct connection sand pump and belt transmission sand pump which are suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz. The sand pumps have also metric and British systems and clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

Besides SB series sand pump, you can also find the 2500SB serial sand pump, which is designed and manufactured according to requirements of NABORS and national drilling technical requirement of USA and other countries.

Be attention: all sand pump parts are available in WestPetro

Special Features for WestPetro Sand Pump

(1). No Leakage: WestPetro use combined seal rely mainly on mechanical seal while packing subsidiary.
(2). High Efficiency: Impeller and case have a streamlined design.
(3). Long Service Life: The flow parts are made of high wearable cast iron.
(4). No Jam: The impeller has wide flow pass.
(5). Beautiful Appearance: The structure, which has certificate of design patent, is compact and beautiful.
(6). All sand pump parts / centrifugal pumps spare parts are available for WestPetro Brand equipment.