Vertical Cutting Dryer Troubleshooting Analytics

With the mind of environment protection has been stronger and stronger, cutting dryer has been the popular one to be popular used in different oil drilling fields and drilling service companies. As the original professional manufacturer of solid control system, WestPetro could provide the full series solid control equipment used in different type’s oil drilling fields.

While just like the whole equipment, there will be some unexpected troubles we will meet in the working flow. Therefore, in this post, we will talk about vertical cutting dryer’s troubleshooting in the separating and drying work flow.

vertical cutting dryer of WestPetro
vertical cutting dryer of WestPetro

Vertical cutting dryer is the core equipment for drilling waste management, which could be used to dry the drilling solids, especially for the oil based mud. There is some common troubleshooting we will use in the drilling work.

Cutting Dryer Troubleshooting 1: how to cleaner the steel bowl shaker screen of vertical cutting dryer.

Steel bowl shaker screen is specially designed for vertical cutting dryer, its main function is to help us separate and dry the drilling solids, which could prevent the environment pollution. While we commonly meet the trouble is that the shaker screen is easy to be blocked by the drilling solids, which will affect the working results and low the working efficiency. About this problem, we will advice two ways to solve it. Method one is for the manufacturer, we would advice the manufacturer design and accept the new material with high tech, which could solve this problem quickly. Just for WestPetro vertical cutting dryer, we have adopted the new material for the bowl shaker screen, which help our end users improve the working efficiency largely. Method two is a common one, we could take the bowl shaker screen off and then use water to cleaner it, which is also a good way to solve this problem, its only one shortcoming is that it takes time and do not convenient.

In some case, we could watch the bowl steel shaker screen by the cutting dryer vent hose.

vertical cutting dryer vent
vertical cutting dryer vent

Cutting Dryer Troubleshooting 2: how to use hydraulic fluid.

The most outstanding feature for our cutting dryer is that this item uses hydraulic fluid when it started to work. Therefore, we should ensure there is full hydraulic fluid in the tank of the cutting dryer, which is the necessary part for almost all of the drilling waste management, because of their high strength oil drilling work.

If you met the cutting dryer works not as smoothly as before, please check the hydraulic fluid firstly.

cutting dryer in drilling waste management unit
cutting dryer in drilling waste management unit

Besides cutting dryer troubleshooting, we have shared shale shaker troubleshooting in last post, and there will be vacuum degasser trouble shooting, QJ mud cleaner troubleshooting, centrifugal sand pump troubleshooting and decanter centrifuge troubleshooting with the next post here. If you have any troubles in using the XBSY solid control equipment, please feel free to contact us, your any inquiry will be response as soon as possible.

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