Differences between Polyurethane Mesh and Steel Shaker Screen

We talked about polyurethane mesh purchased by our Russian partner several weeks ago, he would like to test our new polyurethane screen for his customers’ high frequency vibrating screens. Actually, in WestPetro, we have designed and manufactured two main different models shaker screen: polyurethane mesh and shaker screen in KS steel frame. In this post, we will talk something about the two models.

What’re the differences between polyurethane mesh and steel shaker screen?

About the two models shaker screen, we will start with the following 2 aspects to describe their differences.

polyurethane shaker screen for high frequency vibrating screens
polyurethane shaker screen for high frequency vibrating screens

Aspect 1: they use different materials.

It’s easy to judge their difference by the different materials. Polyurethane mesh is newly designed and tested successfully by our factory, and its special feature is focused on the material – PU, which is a special material and with our high technical technology programs, polyurethane mesh could provide you as long as 400 working hours in mineral industry.

While for KS steel frame shaker screen, it is made up of steel, and it is the necessary part for QJ mud cleaner and linear motion shale shaker in solid control system and oil drilling fields.

Aspect 2: they are in different working scenes.

Commonly, polyurethane screen is the core part for high frequency vibrating screens, which is the necessary equipment in every mining developing field. Usually, each layer of the vibrating screens needs 5 pieces of polyurethane screen, and we could provide 2 layers and 3 layers high frequency vibrating screens for your different needs. That is to say each 3 layers vibrating screens needs 15 pieces polyurethane mesh for the working demands.

KS steel frame shaker screen
KS steel frame shaker screen

While for KS steel frame shaker screen, it is a kind of commonly used equipment for solid control items. Generally speaking, KS steel shaker screen is popularly used in linear motion shale shaker, balanced shale shaker, QJ mud cleaner, mud de-sander and mud de-silter. They are all the necessary part for solid control system, which is the necessary system for providing the high separating working efficiency in our oil drilling fields work.

Besides the two big differences for polyurethane screen and KS steel frame shaker screen, there is a similarity for the two items, which is that they could not used in horizontal vacuum degasser and vertical cutting dryer, even though they are both the important part for solid control system and drilling waste management. While on the other aspect, our polyurethane screen and shaker screen series are always worked with tricanter centrifuge and centrifugal sand pump to separating the oil based mud solids. It sounds stranger, but it is the fact.

DZ/S52 High Frequency Vibration Screen with Polyurethane screen
DZ/S52 High Frequency Vibration Screen with Polyurethane screen

From this post, we talked about the difference between polyurethane screen and ks steel frame shaker screen; they are both the necessary part for some important solid control equipment. Please let us know if you have any interesting about these two items and other related solid control items, your any inquiry will be highly appreciated.

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